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Virtual and telephonic consultations are also available

Initial Consultations

1-hour consultation

It includes a discussion about your medical history, family medical history and blood results (if applicable).


Measurements will be taken of your weight, height, waist circumference, as well as a body composition of your total body fat, visceral fat, muscle mass, bone mass, water percentage and your metabolic rate.

A nutritional assessment is done to determine your lifestyle and eating habits.


Education and an initial eating plan will be given accordingly to what will suit your lifestyle best.

Follow-up Consultations


10-30 minutes consultations


During the first follow-up, you will receive your individualised eating plan, body composition is monitored and nutritional and dietary information is given.

Monitoring follow-ups:

During these follow-ups the eating plan is adjusted, body composition is monitored and nutritional topics are discussed and given to clients.


There is a strong educational component during the follow-up consultations, to help clients understand and apply the dietary principles in a practical manner. Recipe books and various other materials are used during consultations.

DNA Tests and Diet


A simple 1-minute cheek swab in our office will allow you to have your individual genetic profile tested.

This will enable us to give specific individualized diet and lifestyle advice according to your unique genetic profile.

There are currently 8 types of genetic tests available from DNAlysis biotechnology:

DNA diet

DNA health

DNA oestrogen

DNA sport

DNA skin

DNA mind

DNA Pharmacogenomic 

DNA- mydnaOrigin


Visit for more information.

The CDE-OPTIFAST® Weight Loss Programme
Based on a very low-calorie diet (VLCD) which provides roughly 800 kcal of energy per day for 2-3 months. 
This is about 50% fewer calories than conventional weight-loss diets.
The programme showed significant fat loss  results of 1-2.5 kg per week
The programme entails replacing main meals with 3 scientifically formulated shakes/bars/desert, with low-carb vegetables as desired.
After completion gradual reintroduction of food and higher calories are achieved to maintain weight loss results.
This programme is, however, more than just shakes, it is a structured nutritional and behavioural change programme developed by leading experts and supported by medical professionals.

Corporate and School


We offer a broad range of services for schools and the corporate setting. 

Whether you are looking for healthy eating

presentations, Vitality consultations, healthy eating stands for wellness days or need help with a weight loss programme at work, we are here for you. 


Please contact us directly for more information or a quote.

Menu and Recipe Development


We review menus to determine their nutritional content and provide alternative formulations, where needed, to optimise the menu nutrition balance.

Please contact us directly for tailor-fit menus and recipes, as well as menu reviews.

Medical rates apply, we submit directly to medical aid.
Card facilities available in rooms.
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